Talks and Science Festivals

We regularly discuss our research and that of the wider microbiota research community in public talks (including Pint of Science) and contribute to sessions at Sciences Festivals both locally and nationally. Previous events we have been involved in include, Gut Feeling at Cheltenham and Edinburgh Science Festivals and Antibiotic Resistance stories for the inaugural Norwich Science Festival.

'Gut Feelings' Science Festival Series

Lindsay took part in a series of sold out talks, ‘Gut Feelings’ at Cheltenham Science Festival in 2015 and Edinburgh International Science Festival in 2016. Lindsay also did a solo event for the 2016 Norwich Science Festival which was also sold out.

Pint of Science 2017

Cho Zin presented her talk ‘Bifidobacterium: Microbial Guardians of the (Gut) Galaxy’ at the ‘My Bacteria and Me’ session at the of Pint of Science talks in Norwich.

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