Lukas Harnisch

PhD Student

Investigating the effect of Bifidobacterium on the host intestine in health and disease through an integrated ‘omics and experimental approach.

In this picture I am setting up to do a quantitative PCR experiment which allows me to measure expression of specific genes. This method is very helpful in my PhD studies, which is focused on understanding how Bifidobacterium “talks” to the cells that line our gut (so called epithelial cells).

My science journey began in 2010 when I moved from Germany to the UK for my undergraduate studies in Biomedicine at the University of East Anglia. This is where I became interested in intestinal health in part through my dissertation investigating the role of the protein occludin in controlling passage of materials across the intestinal epithelium. Following this, I started my PhD in the Hall lab at the Quadram Institute Bioscience in 2013.

Lukas Harnisch

Research Areas

  • Microbiota-host cross-talk